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Richard's grandchldren are reading Saint Nick and the Space Nicks.

Hello Everyone!

My new book for 2014 is called, The Bard Club,  a novel where a school teacher,  five students and Shakespeare become the heroes  of a small southern town in 1945.

Published in 2014

Published in 2014

Reviewed January 8, 2014:  “I see this as a great story for middle school kids.  I am convinced if more books like this were read by  kids, our language culture would not be deteriorating as it is.  So many kids have not been exposed to great literature, classic art and classic music.  Mr. Mears may have found a way!” R.M. CA

This is a unique book for teens and adults alike who want to be entertained and  introduced to a style reminiscent of Mark Twain, as some readers have described, Shakespeare meets Samuel Clemens. You can now check it out on and on my website:  http://www.richardchasemears.netAutographed books are now available as well.  

For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is Richard Chase Mears, and I am a fiction writer from the Berkshires Hills of Massachusetts.  After studying  journalism and creative writing in the early 1960’s I moved to New York City where I worked as  a T.V. producer at J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, N.Y. (a Mad Man experience) where I met my wife, Joan.  Later, we moved to Marin County in California, where I began to write my first novel.

Ebb of the River was published in 1980 by Simon and Schuster/Wyndham Books.  Compared to Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, the novel was  later condemned by Simon and Schuster  disqualifying it  for corporate promotion because it was considered  too controversial and too real.  Ebb Of The River is a fictional memoir based on my life as a young boy growing up along the Patuxent River in Maryland  in the 1940’s. 

My second book, Anubis Rex, is a suspense thriller.  The theme of the book is a combinations of  DNA manipulation, Egyptian gods and world affairs. This book is filled with adventure and global suspense.  Anubis Rex has been listed on the best sellers list. 

Amongst other themes, I also wrote a children’s book, Saint Nick and the Space Nicks.  This book has a twist from the traditional voyages of Saint Nick as he delivers gifts with his Space Nick  friends to all of the good girls and boys around the universe. A story of giving.

In the last year I have written a new novel which I shall post this year, Naga Basa, about the most people ever killed in one day by an animal species (Guinness Book Of Records). 

A sixth book is in progress titled, The Four Seasons Of Spring, a novel which surrounds the lives of men and women in their various stages of maturity. 

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If you plan ahead for the holidays, you may order my Christmas book anytime.  My first edition autographed book called Saint Nick and the Space Nicks  is available on my website

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